Town Office Advisory Committee

The Town Office Advisory Committee consisting of 5-7 members, is responsible for fulfilling the objectives of Warrant Article #30 as passed at the 2020 Town Meeting.

Warrant Article #30:  “To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $40,000 (forty thousand dollars) to conduct a feasibility study for the restoration and/or additions to the existing Town Office, and further to create a Town Office Advisory Committee to consider ways to optimize the Town Office space, accessibility and mobility needs with $40,000 to come from the previously established Municipal Land and Building Capital Reserve Fund…”

Committee Members

Anne Cunningham


Dennis Anderson


Karrie Buttrick

Member & Recording Secretary

Mark McKinley


Ernest F. Day, Jr.

Selectmen’s Representative


The Town Office Advisory Committee of the Town of Freedom

Will hold a public meeting

On Monday, January 22, 2024

At 9:00 am

At the Freedom Town Hall at 16 Elm Street

  • Review minutes of January 11, 2024, public hearing
  • Finalize cost numbers to propose to Board of Selectmen for two bond issues for town meeting
  • Other open items for the Committee to resolve before the March 12 Town Meeting
  • Public comment
  • Other matters that can come before the committee