Freedom Heritage Commission


Heritage Commission

There will be no meeting of the Heritage Commission for the month of September, 2020.  The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, November 12 at 6:00 pm.  However, due to the Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis, please continue to check this site for updates on the November meeting.

NH State Registry of Historic Places

These buildings are listed on the New Hampshire State Registry of Historic Places by the New Hampshire Division of Historic Resources.

Meeting Dates

The Heritage Commission meets at the Davidson Room at the First Christian Church on Elm Street at 6pm.

January 9          June 11                November 12
April 9                September 10

Members & Alternates

Peg Scully
Term 2020
Raymond Dahlstrom
Term 2021
Sue Hoople
Term 2022
Vice Chair:
Bonnie Burroughs
Term 2021
Bill Carney
Term 2022
Karrie Buttrick
Alternate thru 2022
Janice Zecher
Term 2020
Lee Fritz
Alternate thru 2020
Mark McKinley
Alternate thru 2022
Scott Cunningham
Term 2021
Gale Morris
Alternate thru 2020
Alan Fall
Selectmen’s Rep