Joint Loss Management Safety Committee

Every employee of the Town of Freedom has the right to a workplace free from safety and health hazards (Lab 1403.01).  A “Joint Loss Management” program is designed to prevent incidents and illnesses, and is established jointly between the employees and the management of the Town.  Unsafe acts, unsafe conditions and incidents all demonstrate a weakness in the management system.  This program provides the framework and structure for safety concerns to be managed like any other function of government through planning, organization, leadership, control and communication.  It is an established fact that a well-trained, well-disciplined and well-supervised employee operating in a safe and healthful environment is less likely to have an incident.

RSA 281-A:64 III Every employer of 15 or more employees shall establish and administer a joint loss management committee composed of equal numbers of employer and employee representatives. Employee representatives shall be selected by the employees. If workers are represented by a union, the union shall select the employee representatives. The joint loss management committee shall meet regularly to develop and carry out workplace safety programs, alternative work programs that allow and encourage injured employees to return to work, and programs for continuing education of employers and employees on the subject of workplace safety. The committee shall perform all duties required in rules adopted pursuant to this section.

Committee Members

Lindsay Pettengill

Town Office Member

Lance Bolduc

Highway Dept. Member

Charlene McCurtain

Transfer Station Member

Rob Cunio

Fire Dept. Member

Jim MacDonald

Highway Dept. Member

Jamie Mullen

Police Dept. Member

Samantha Porter

Town Office Member

A. Elizabeth Priebe

Town Office Member

Stacy Bolduc

Management Member

Gary Williams

Zoning/Building Dept. Member


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

The meetings will take place at noon at the Highway Department.

Meeting Minutes