Trustees of Trust Funds

Trustees of Trust Funds are the custodian of the town’s perpetual care funds, charitable trusts, and capital reserve/expendable trust funds. Trustees of Trust Funds make the decisions regarding expenditure from these funds based on the wishes of the donor in the case of privately donated funds. The Trustees distribute capital reserve funds and expendable trust funds to the appropriate government officials upon request. Trustees of Trust Funds make the decisions on how these funds are to be invested based on the investment policy adopted by the Trustees. Trustees of Trust Funds must submit annually to the Department of Revenue Administration and the Charitable Trusts Unit annual reports with respect to their trust funds.

Board of Trustees

Patricia McCoy

Chairman (2024)

Anne Cunningham

Trustee (2025)

Paul Olzerowicz

Trustee (2026)


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November 16, 2022 Agenda

A PUBLIC MEETING of the Freedom Trustees of the Trust Funds will be held

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 9:30 AM at the Freedom Town Hall

  • Review minutes of the January 28, 2021 meeting
  • Year-end planning
  • Public comment

Posted 11/14/22

Meeting Minutes