Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Freedom Zoning Board of Adjustment meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Freedom Town Hall.

Completed applications must be submitted by 1:00 pm on the closing date noted below. Items submitted after this date or incompletely filled out, will not be placed on the agenda; such applications will be deferred.

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The following Public Meeting will be held at the

Freedom Town Hall, 16 Elm Street, Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 7:00 pm.


Public Meeting 

  • Review minutes from October 26, 2021 Meeting
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business


Public Hearings 

Application # 26-4-21 Eugene W. & Denise M. Lawnicki Continued from October 26, 2021.

Applicant wishes to demolish existing home, construct new home with attached breezeway/garage and reconstruct existing stairs and changing room.

Applicant seeks the following  Special Exceptions:

Article 3, Section 304.6.3 for Erosion Control

Article 3, Section 304.6.5.1 Tree cutting within 75 feet of the reference line in the Shorefront District.

Article 3, Section 305.6.5.3 for any cutting between 75-300 feet of the reference line.

Article 3, Section 304.6.5.2 Erosion Control less than 100,000 sq. feet.


Applicant seeks the following Variances:

Variance from Article 3, Section 304.5 Table of the Zoning Ordinance to permit the side setback for the house and changing room from a reference line.

Variance from Article 3 Section 305.6.5.3 for tree cutting in excess of points allowed in grid 6.

Map 26 Lot 4, at 380 Pequawket Trial

Zone: Ossipee Lake, General Residential 


Application # 30-12-21 Richard J. & Debra L. Strott Continued from October 26, 22021

Applicant seeks an appeal for a Special Exception under Article 3 Section 304.6.3.2 for erosion control in the shorefront and Article 3 Section 304.6.5.1 for Grid 8 tree cutting meeting the Special Exception standard.

The applicant also seeks an appeal for the following variances:

Article 3 Section 304.2 side & front setbacks for house.

Article 3 Section 304.5 (water side) setback house.

Article 3Section 304.2 side and front setbacks garage.

Article 3 Section 304.5 rear (water side) setback garage. 

Article 4 Section 406 Septic closer than 125′ to water (3 tanks and 1 field)

Article 3 Section 305.6.5.3 Tree cutting over 75’on lots over 12.5% slope in SF not meeting score requirement.

Article 9 Section 906.1 Expansion of Non-Conforming structure front setback house.

Article 9 Section 906.2 Expansion of Non-Conforming structure side and rear setback house.

Article 9 Section 906.1 Expansion of Non-Conforming structure front setback garage.

Article 9 Section 906.2 Expansion of Non-Conforming structure side and rear setback garage.

Article 9 Section 906.3 Expansion of Non-Conforming structure height increase garage.

Map 30 Lot 2, at 23 Marjorie Point Rd.

Zone: Broad Bay Gen Res 


Application# 33-38-21 Darlene C. Johnson & John Pisano Continued from October 26, 2021.

The applicant wishes to replace the existing home with a new home, garage and septic system that will be further from the waterfront and construct retaining walls that will break or soften the slope and lessen stormwater flowing down the hillside unabated. The new construction meets town zoning regulations. The applicant seeks an appeal for the following:


Special Exceptions under Article 3 Section 304.6.5.1 tree cutting within 75’of the reference line. Special Exception under Article 3 Section 304.6.3 for erosion control or cutting and removal of trees.

Applicant also seeks the following Variances:

Article 3 Section 304.5 Variance sideline and rear (water) setbacks.

Article 3 Section 305.6.5.3 Variance for tree cutting on a lot greater than 12.5% grade

Map 33 Lot 38, at 169 East Danforth Rd.

Zone: Danforth Pond Gen Res


Application # 22-24-21 Jeffery & Patricia Pisani Withdrew without prejudice on Sept. 28th.

Applicant would like to build a garage and seeks a variance under Article 3, Section 304.2 table. The proposed garage does not meet setbacks.

Map 22 Lot 24 at 37 Intervale Ave.

Zone: General Residential


Application # 22-80-21 Daniel J. & Karen J. Footit  Continued from October 26, 2021

Applicant wishes to add a 12×22 third bay garage with matching trim and roof lines.

Applicant is seeking the following:

Variance for 310.1.6 footprint not to exceed 15% of the lot.

Variance for Table 304.2 side and rear setbacks.

Map 22 Lot 80 at 23 Deer Run Dr

Zone: General Residential


Application # 9-5-21 Carlton and Michelle Peare

Applicant wishes to build a three-season porch off the back of the home on the frame of the existing deck and no larger than the current footprint of the deck. Applicant seeks the following:

Variance under 304.1 Table Village Residential District.

Variance under Article 9 Section 906.2 Expansion of a non-conforming structure.

Map 9 Lot 5 at 157 Old Portland Rd.

Zone: Village Residential.

Application # 12 Lot 19-1 Williams Family Trust, Gary & Jo Ann Williams

Applicant seeks an appeal for a variance under Article 4 Section 406 for a septic tank to be 37′ from poorly drained soils and the leach field to be 42′ from poorly drained soils.

Tax Map 12 Lot 19-1 at 703 Eaton Rd.

Zone: Rural Residential


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