Committee Members

Rick Davidson – Chair
Cindy Fleming
Sandy Boyle
Cheryl Harris
Anne Cunningham
Carol Anthony
Linda Habif


The Advisory Committee on Aging will hold its next meeting on:
Friday, June 14, 2019
2:30 PM
Freedom Town Hall

This meeting is open to the public.

Members: Rick Davidson, Sandy Boyle, Cindy Fleming, Linda Habif, Cheryl Harris, Anne Cunningham


  • Review minutes from April 24 meeting
  • Review candidates for the Freedom Senior Coordinator position before making recommendations to BOS


  • Service Link services update
  • Investigate establishing non-town groups to disseminate information pertaining to unofficial services and possibly apply for communications funds
  • Update on initiatives from other towns
  • Other business

Charge of the Committee

This committee will study ways to help seniors stay in town.  The charge of this committee is:

  1. Identify why seniors are leaving Freedom
    • Interview seniors who have left Freedom for other places to understand why they were unable to stay in town
    • Review “aging in place” literature to identify the factors that help seniors to stay in their homes or in their town.
  2. Identify services to help seniors stay in their homes, i.e., making homes safe and livable on one floor, helpers for chores or activities of daily living, transportation to shopping and doctors, social outings or home visits, and other support (specify)
    • Identify where to source the services
    • Find who can provide services, what cost, whether there are grants to cover them
    • Describe how to deliver and who will pay?

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