We’ve gone .Gov!

We’ve gone .Gov!

In order to provide added security to the Town’s online presence we have been working hard to obtain our .gov status and it is finally here!

Benefits of .gov domains

.Gov helps the public identify official, trusted information

For a fee, anyone can register a .com, .org, or .us domain. This can make it hard for the public to know if the people behind an online service are who they claim to be.

.Gov domains are different because they’re only available to U.S.-based government organizations. It should be easy to identify governments on the internet. The public shouldn’t have to guess whether the site they’re on, or the email in their inbox, is genuine. Use of the .gov top-level domain can help reduce uncertainty.

Only verified U.S. government organizations can register a .gov domain

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), manages the .gov top-level domain. We verify the identity of everyone who requests a .gov domain, and we make sure that their organization meets the criteria for having a .gov domain.

What does this mean for you?

This means that our emails have changed!

However, if you send an email to an old address we will still get it in the interim.

Thank you for your understanding!

Town of Freedom