Important Notice to FREEDOM Property Owners (*Maps 3-7 specifically, excluding Freedom Village Condos)

The Town of FREEDOM annually reviews 20% of the properties in Town to verify that the property record assessment data is accurate. Your area* of Town is scheduled to be reviewed this year. A representative of the assessing office will be visiting your property in the coming weeks to verify property data. Due to COVID-19 interior inspection will not be performed. The assessing representative will notify the occupants that they are on site, ask a few questions about the interior and complete the exterior inspection and measurements.

The individual will have a picture ID and a letter of introduction from the Town. The Town asks for your cooperation in this process, so that we may have fair and accurate assessment data.

Assessing information may be reviewed at

Any posted properties will be estimated from the road unless prior written authorization is granted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Town Offices at (603)539-6323.