The Freedom Town Office has reopened its doors to the public on Monday, May 10, 2021.  We greatly appreciate your support and willingness to work through these challenging times the pandemic has faced us all with.

For the health and safety of all, please observe and follow the requirements below:

  1. Masks covering mouth and nose will be required to be worn by all patrons inside the building.  For your convenience, masks and sanitizer are available inside.
  2. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness, or has had exposure to someone not feeling well, please do not enter the building and instead call the applicable department to make arrangements to retrieve the information you seek.
  3. The lobby area will be limited to a capacity of 2-persons.  If more than 2-persons are already inside, please wait outside or in the foyer until someone leaves before entering the building.
  4. Access into the Selectmen’s Office, Town Clerk’s Office, and Building Department is limited to Town personnel only, or at the discretion of the office staff.

Please also note department-specific contact information and requirements:

Selectmen’s Office & Assessing

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8-3

Telephone: 539-6323

Town Clerk’s Office

Office Hours: Monday 11-5, Tuesday 11-5, Wednesday 9-5, Thursday 11-5

Telephone: 539-8269

Appointments are recommended. Walk-ins will be accommodated accordingly. Online services recommended for all renewals without any changes, vital statistics request and dog licensing.

Tax Collector’s Office

Office Hours:  Monday & Wednesday 11-1

Telephone:  539-5572

Tax payments may be dropped in the secure mail slot located in the Town Office foyer.  Please include a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope if you would like a receipt.

Building Department

Office Hours:  Thursdays 9-2

Telephone: 539-6323

Cell Phone:  Gary Williams, Zoning Officer: 986-0466

Cell Phone:  Dave Senecal, Building Inspector: 387-0866