The Town of Freedom has contracted with R.B. Wood & Associates, LLC. to do a statistical update of values for 2020.  The last revaluation was completed in 2016. In New Hampshire, the assessed value of individual properties is not adjusted each year. Values are only adjusted during periodic revaluations or when physical changes are made. A revaluation will account for these changes in value and seek to restore equity between individual assessments. The assessors and/or selectmen shall reappraise all real estate within the municipality so that the assessments are at full and true value at least as often as every fifth year, but can be adjusted yearly if market conditions dictate such. Based on the state’s equalization study, Freedom was compelled to complete the revaluation a year earlier than the required 5-year period so that all properties can be brought to current market value and contribute an equitable portion of the total tax burden.

The major phases to a municipal update are: Market Analysis, Valuation, and Field Review. During the upcoming summer months, data collectors will be visiting homes with building permits and properties that have recently sold to verify the data. The Valuation phase will be starting in July, and will be finalized in October.  Personnel from R.B. Wood & Associates, LLC. as well as the Department of Revenue Administration will be driving through the town in the months of August-September reviewing all properties to update and verify the Assessor’s database.

If you have any questions about the revaluation process or need additional information please contact the Assessor’s office at (603) 539-6323.